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Join forces to uncover the sinister secrets your neighbor is keeping hidden. Secret Neighbor Mod Apk for Android is a horror survival game.
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Secret Neighbor Mod Apk for Android is a horror survival game in which AI studies the previous moves of players and reacts properly by laying traps and making the game more challenging and interesting. It is known as one of the highly attractive survival games with a hint of horror and darkness with it. Although the internet is filled with every type of game associated with the horror genre, Secret Neighbor Mod is one of the best games in the horror genre.

Game Overview

This is a multiplayer game, 8 people play at a time. The game depends upon the action and perspective taken by the first player, one of them is posing as a neighbor, and the other 7 sneaks into the house of the neighbor to find the keys to the basement and find the secret of the neighbor.

The disguised neighbor’s job is to stop the other 7 players from achieving their secret goals. He may get successful by diverting their attention away from their belief and utilizing his techniques and power.

In case you are caught by the neighbor, you must restart the game. What makes the game more difficult is that each time you must restart the game, you must be extra smart in this case because every time you restart the game the neighbor knows your previous strikes and he can assume your next strike based on your prior strike. So be careful while playing the game.

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Secret Neighbor Android APK Storyline

A young boy named Nicky Roth, who was having fun during his summer vacation in his neighbourhood, is the main character of the story. He starts screaming out of nowhere and sprints over to his friend’s house. He did this because he observed a man being imprisoned in the basement of the home across the street from where he was playing.

After that, Nikki assembled his buddies and set out on a mission to locate the basement’s key and rescue the man who had become trapped. Once they enter the basement, however, they are unable to locate the captive man, which is where the voyage becomes interesting. But he saw that his neighbor had turned his basement into a jail. He and his teammates are apprehended by the owner of the property as they try to flee after hearing an abrupt commotion.

Nikki and her companions must navigate several obstacles and traps to get away from the property without being discovered by the owner. While the neighbor, Mr. Peterson, tries to approach him and his companions, the objective is to reach his residence.

Secret Neighbor Mod Apk hack:

 Secret Neighbor Mod Apk hack helps you win the game with more ease and spooky ways. While all of the participants will be playing as children in the popular game Among Us, one of them will be a neighbor dressed as a child. The goal of the game is still the same: players must discover the mysteries that the neighbor has hidden beneath his basement, secrets that can only be accessed with the basement key. To win the game, the players must uncover this key, but the concealed neighbor among them will make their task more difficult.

The players will each have a unique set of roles.

  • Detective

captures significant photos for the organization.

  • Bagger:

The children will be carried by the bagger.

  • Engineer:

To outwit the neighbor, the engineer will make fascinating devices out of gear.

  • Hidden neighbor:

The children’s plans are continuously being thwarted by Hidden Neighbor, who also tries to prevent them from getting to the basement.

Features Of Secret Neighbor Mobile APK

  1. Play as an intruder:

Join forces to uncover the sinister secrets your neighbor is keeping hidden. The children’s main task is to locate the basement key while avoiding detection from the neighbor. As previously mentioned, the kids will also play several exciting roles that will give each kid’s job a lot of significance. To defeat the neighbor and learn about his plans, teamwork will be essential.

  1. Play as a neighbor:

The user can then choose the neighbor to prevent the kids from ruining the neighbor’s plans. The neighbor will keep a continual eye out for the kids and keep them from getting into the basement.

  1. Competitive AI:

The AI in Secret Neighbor is extremely competitive as a result of the developers’ extensive learning from the game’s previous iteration. The AI will monitor the players and alter their behavior as needed to accommodate the movements of the kids. Both the participants and the kids will enjoy competitive and entertaining gameplay as a consequence.

  1. Crafts thing:

One of the coolest positions will be that of the engineer, who oversees gathering 10 pieces of equipment to create various tools. These fun tools will be utilized to defeat the neighbor and aid the kids in achieving their objectives.

  1. Secret Neighbor Mod Apk unlocks all:

Secret Neighbor Mod Apk unlocks all features and allows you to reveal all of the game features and to use each resource of the secret Neighbor Mod Apk limitlessly.

  1. Secret neighbor Mod APK unlimited everything :

With Secret Neighbor Mod Apk you can have unlimited everything. You’ll be able to use unlimited and most of all the features in the game easily, all thanks to the horror field mod menu, like Horror field MOD APK. Without even owning the premium edition, you’ll be able to experiment with the original unlockable skills and ammunition.

How to download Secret Neighbor MOD APK for PC:

Step 1: Download the Blue Stack app on your Pc to run any APK files.

Step 2: Click the Secret Neighbor Download button provided below.

Step 3: After Downloading, install the game apk you have just gotten on your PC.

Step 4: Downloading the game will be simple with a strong internet connection.

Step 5: Free use of Secret Neighbor PC is available after installation is complete.

Secret Neighbor mod Apk iOS:

As we know that iOS has some restrictions related to the security of the device and do not allow the installation of unknown source files on the devices. So, you can’t get your hands on Secret Neighbor Mod Apk if you are an iOS user as it is made for android devices.


Secret Neighbor MOD apk, the much-anticipated follow-up to the popular Hello Neighbor franchise. This one is a multiplayer game that supports a maximum of 8 people. Seven little children depart from a spooky neighbor’s home in the Secret Neighbor apk. Artificial intelligence in sports is a good puzzle for your mind to solve. So that’s it if you wish to spend your time engaging in a top-notch sport, We have covered every minute detail of this game as well as all of its lavish features. To get away, you can employ a variety of equipment and weapons. Additionally, because it is a survival game, all its gameplay is strategy-based. The game Secret Neighbor Apk is perfect if you ever played cover and search as a kid. It teaches you how to collaborate with others.

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