Island War MOD APK Latest 4.1.3 (Unlimited Money & Easy Win)

by Tanees Fatima
Island War MOD APK Unlimited Everything

Are you feeling low during this time of Pandemic? Do you want to play something exciting and happening then the game Island War MOD APK is for you? Island war games are an enthralling experience. You are given your own island, and you have a job to defend it by raising an army. You can enjoy the feeling of having your own island though in a fantasy world and enjoy commanding troops. The game is simple yet entertaining and helps you to brush up your inner warrior skills ad also enhance your gaming skills.

The island war game strategy is quite simple as an island is given to you initially with a small army ready to fight. Afterward, you are given different missions to capture neighboring islands. You have to use tactics and a lot of thinking to capture other islands. Once you defeat and capture other island games of Island War MOD APK gives you money and resources, so you can upgrade your troops and have enough combats to fight and defend you.

The game can be played in multiplayer as it is online, and you can take part in unlimited battles and enhance your resources and weapons. The graphics of the game is also great as it is a war strategy game it gives a good scenario of fighting.

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Island War MOD APK Game Play

The plot of the Island War MOD APK is simple however the game and challenges get difficult when you reach an advanced level. The game requires every gamer’s inbuilt skill of strategic thinking about war tactics and how to manage the combats which are called swordsmen in War MOD APK. At first, when you install the game and begin it you will see a raft on the sea floating towards an island with a bunch of swordsmen. To start a battle you tap on the sea to send your troops toward your opponent’s Island.

Once you claim victory over your enemies you get all their resources which include gold, more swordsmen, and wood. You all also have to protect your already claimed and conquered islands. You get extra rewards too and tips are also provided for you as to how to merge and move the troops in order to have an element of surprise towards your opponents. Island War MOD APK, is an online game, so you can play with multiplayer and can double the fun.

Another interesting thing about the game war MOD APK is that when you have a battle pass you can claim special rewards which can help you in your fights in the war arena. In further progress of the game, you get archers and spearmen too and can increase the level of troops by upgrading their army camp.

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Island War MOD APK Features

If you want to learn the tricks and cheats of this incredible game then you are in the right place. Here is the list of the features of Island War MOD APK

Unlimited Money

The Island War MOD APK version provides you with unlimited money, so you don’t have to wait for a certain amount of gold to train your troops or gradually increase weapons. In other popular games, this feature requires your money through credit cards and hence is not free but War MOD APK gives you this exciting feature.


The most special feature of Island War MOD APK is that you can enjoy the game with different players from the globe and learn various tricks to protect your island. In this way, you can create an unstoppable army and win many battles by analyzing your war strategic skills. However, you will need an uninterrupted internet connection.

Special Rewards

As you progress in the game you are given special rewards too which include gold and special weapons. These rewards and claims increase your troop strength, so you can protect your island and defeat your enemies with great ease.

Ads Free

This is a war strategy game so if in the middle of the battle you tap on an ad your move can risk the protection of your island. So this MOD APK version is ads-free so can enjoy the game without any disturbance.

How to Install Island War MOD APK

The installation process is super easy. Follow the steps below and download it in a few minutes:

  • Download the Island War MOD APK for Android
  • Install the APK File
  • It may ask you for permission before installation, allow installation from unknown sources in your device settings
  • To enable permissions to go to settings, search for Unknown Resources, and Select Allow installation from unknown resources.
  • Resume the installation process
  • Allow the installer to complete the installation
  • You are all done, enjoy the game

Island War Mod/Hack APK For PC

Installing Island War MOD APK on PC is quite simple although there are a few things you need before you start.

  • You will need an android emulator Like BlueStacks
  • Install BlueStack and perform the initial setup
  • Download Island War Hack APK For PC from APK Bunny.
  • Import the APK File in Emulator
  • Install and Enjoy

Island War Mod/Hack Rivals MOD APK For iOS

Island War is available for Android as well as iOS users you can download the iOS version here. Although Island War Unlimited Money for iOS is not available due to iOS restrictions. So you won’t be able to use Island War Cheats while using iOS.

FAQs About Island War MOD APK

Is Island War MOD APK Online?

Yes, it is an online game, so you can play with multiplayer from around the globe and the game requires a stable internet connection.


The Island War MOD APK is an excellent and exciting new-age war strategy game. Which requires your mindful thinking and perfect battle skills in order to protect your clan. The game requires your critical thinking and powerful war tactics. So you have to be attentive and quick all the time in order to place a good defense system. This game is no doubt a breath of fresh air in times of lockdown and pandemic and provides you with multiplayer options, so you can play with different players and increase your ratings on the leather board. Moreover, the game has all the essential features of modern popular games and has an incredible game interface. With War Mod APK you can enjoy this captivating game without any ads and unlimited coins.

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