Football Strike Mod APK Latest 1.41.0 [Unlimited Money]

by Tanees Fatima

Sports genre games have always been very popular among the masses. People relate with sports, and they love and admire to pick their favorite player in the game. Among all sports, Football is the most loved sports and many games have been made on it. But there is a game that has made the football game fast-paced and even more interesting. You read it read, Football Strike Mod APK brings the game of football differently. The game tales you to your soccer journey where you can play shoot out matches as either a striker or a goalkeeper!!!

All the football fan will love this simple yet exciting game play that Football Strike Mod APK has to offer. The game of football requires stamina, skills and tactics and usually the games last for many minutes. But with this game you need to brush your striking and blocking skills, and you are good to go. The game has unlimited customization options, and you can play this game on your own or with real time players from around the globe.

The graphics of the game are excellent and sound effects give you a feel of a real football stadium. So buckle up and enjoy the free kicks and penalty strikes with just a tap. Goal and score for yourself in this Football Strike APK. Invite your friends and play the shooting matches and have some unlimited football!!!

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Football Strike MOD APK Game Play

The best thing about Football Strike Mode APK is that it does not require messy and complicated controls. The entire game play is simple and is based on goal kicking and goal keeping. For that you are just require to first choose whether you want to be striker or a goalkeeper if you are playing free kick mode.  In this mode you can shoot penalties as striker by making a perfect angle and placing the ball in the net. This can be achieved by just a simple swipe and nothing more. In case of a goalkeeper you need to block the goal by observing where the player is about to shoot.

Not only that, Football Strike APK has many other modes too. In ‘shooting race’ you have to score more goals within a stipulated time than your opponent. This mode is fast-paced and is very thrilling to play. You can customize your player with exciting uniforms and can also adjust their traits and skills. In ‘career mode’ you can gradually conquer the amazing levels and win incredible rewards. In this mode you will play at various locations with your team and see the attractions of the world.

The Football Strike Mod APK has many things to offer with a very easy game play. The game has just cut out the all the unnecessary and time-consuming things from the game. This makes it unique and lovable and no one can get bore from this Football Strike game.

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Football Strike MOD APK Features

Football Strike Mod APK has easy game play with exciting features. With Football Strike Hack you get special features for free and can make this game much more enjoyable. Some if==of the features are

Unlimited Money

Every game has some things in store that are locked or require purchases. The game requires many upgrade by which you can change the speed, skills and improve defense of your player. For this you require your match winnings. But with Football Strike Mod APK, you get unlimited money, so nothing can stop you from becoming an invincible player.

Unlocked Content

Some levels and content of the game are unlocked and are opened when you reach a certain level. But this is not the case anymore. With Football Strike Mod APK, you always get goal and lucky balls by which you will score more than your opponents. Hence, there is nothing in your way that can curtail you from scoring and blocking!!!


One of the best feature of Football Strike Mod APK is that you can play it with your friends or with other gamers from around the globe. You can challenge the players in football battles and can win exciting prizes. This can help you in your rankings, and you can earn many points.

Real Life Teams

The Football Strike Mod APK gives you an exciting feature to join your favorite football teams and enjoy adventurous with them. With each team, you can unlock their stadiums and much more. So whether it will be FC Barcelona, Real Madrid or Chelsea it all your choice!!!

Unlimited Customization

The game offer you an endless customization options. You can choose for your goalkeeper and striker amazing outfits and many other items. Moreover, this customization is not only for visually appeal but with thus you can give them a wide range of skills and other abilities. So this customization will eventually help in winning the matches. This is the unique and exciting feature of Football Strike APK and makes it fascinating!!!

How to Install Football Strike MOD APK

The installation process is super easy. Follow the steps below and download it in a few minutes:

  • Download the Football Strike Mod APK for Android
  • Install the APK File
  • It may ask you for permission before installation, allow installation from unknown sources in your device settings
  • To enable permissions to go to settings, search for Unknown Resources, Select Allow installation from unknown resources.
  • Resume the installation process
  • Allow the installer to complete the installation
  • You are all done, enjoy the game


To conclude, Football Strike Mod APK offers a unique game play than the rest of the games of same genre. It is fun, simple and exciting with the entire game focus on goal kicking and goal keeping skills and nothing more. The graphics and sound effects of the game gives you a realistic feel and the challenges in the game do not get you bored out of it. With Football Strike Hack, you get special features for free and can unlock the items you want. This makes the game much more enjoyable. So download Football Strike Mod APK version and enjoy it with your friends.

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