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(Last Updated On: March 6, 2022)

A bad guy wants to be a good one. But the odds are against him. You are a part of a gang which fights and do other gang activities. Now you want to leave the gang, but you are stuck. A mistake here can be the end of your life. Or the end of the life of your loved ones, your wife. Fighting Tiger Liberal MOD APK is all about the fight for survival. Seem tough isn’t? But with Unlimited Health and Money you can unleash your real potential and take down your opponents.

The game is quite inspired by the vintage Taken 3 or Taken 5. Street fights are all you will be dealing with. But you have to be careful leaving the gang is not easy you need to take care of all the enemies. To make sure your future and the of your loved ones is safe.

Our MOD APK is a cheat or hack for Fighting Tiger Liberal. Which allows you to purchase or unlock pretty much everything right from the beginning of the game.

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Fighting Tiger Liberal MOD APK Game Play

There are very few people who are the part of gangster life or have actually witnessed it. But more or less every one of us is thrilled to know about their life. We watch movies dramas and much more. Whenever we hear the word gangster our imaginative power runs towards a thriller. The game is made on the same story line. Where you are a Gin. Who is in fight for survival of the life of his wife and himself. You were a part of a gang now you want to leave a live normal life. Huh, seems simple but actually isn’t.

So what’s stopping you? You want a simple life, but your gang has some different plans. So now you have stood against your own gang.

Fighting Tiger Liberal MOD APK is all about fighting and living the street fighter life. With every step you need to be very careful as you are a one-man army again all your enemies. Unluckily now your biggest enemy is your own gang. Be careful a wrong move can be the end of the life for your wife. With Fighting Tiger Liberal MOD APK you can unlock the weapons and have unlimited health. So it will make your journey easier. You can equip yourself with different type of weapons.

Or you can go against your opponents with a unique fighting style. Be prepared to tackle their moves. Each opponent has a health bar shown with the fight. To take down your opponent you need to beat them till they are out of energy.

Fighting Tiger APK is not only a one to one fight. You will need to fight multiple opponents as a single man army all alone simultaneously. Hence, the best way to avoid getting killed is to equip you with powerful weapons. Over all the game has quality graphics. The story of the game is a great thriller which keeps you intact with the gameplay.

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Fighting Tiger Liberal MOD APK Features

Unlimited Health

As discussed above the game is all about fighting your opponents and one hit can be the end of your road to survival. So with Fighting Tiger MOD APK you get unlimited health. Which is a great assist as your enemies won’t be able to kill you that easily. Which makes your journey throughout the game pretty easy.

Unlimited Money

Pretty much all games require upgrades. So while playing a game you are required to complete some levels then achievements are unlocked, and you are able to unlock more things. With unlimited money hack you do not have to wait to unlock step by step and can easily upgrade things right from the beginning.

3D Graphics

Our mobile screens are getting better day by day luckily to give a great user experience Fighting Tiger Provides us 3D graphics. Which enhance the gaming experience and keep the gaming fun alive.

No Ads

Ads are the most frustrating part of any android game. One way to turn them off is to turn off your internet connectivity but if you are playing for long time. You can not afford this. So With Fighting Tiger MOD APK you can get a gaming experience with no ads.

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How to Install Fighting Tiger Liberal MOD APK

The installation process is super easy. Follow the steps below and download it in a few minutes:

  • Download the Fighting Tiger Liberal Mod APK for Android
  • Install the APK File
  • It may ask you for permission before installation, allow installation from unknown sources in your device settings
  • To enable permissions to go to settings, search for Unknown Resources, Select Allow installation from unknown resources.
  • Resume the installation process
  • Allow the installer to complete the installation
  • You are all done, enjoy the game


Fighting Tiger Liberal MOD APK is a great and interactive game with thriller and suspense throughout the gameplay. The game has 3d graphics modern controls and quality game play. Which serves as icing on the top. The game play offers you a uniqe story line compared to other games. With Fighting Tiger Hack you can easily unlock the most of the features and speed up your journey to the normal life.



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