Dragon Quest Tact Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Gems)

by Hamza Chohan
Dragon Quest Tact MOD APK

Dragon Quest Tact Mod APK is what you are looking for if you want to play a strategic role-playing game on your tablet or smartphone. Dragon Quest Tact is an explorative and exciting game in which players must perform a variety of tasks and objectives.

There can be a maximum of four participants in the game, and each of these players will control a distinct character. While playing, feel free to switch between characters. However, only one character may engage in combat; the other three must engage in other tasks, such as opening doors or picking fruit from trees.

This turn-based game’s strategy is the key factor in why so many people are pleased with the game. You must battle each player using a different member of your team at a time, and you must employ a spell to provide each player with automatic healing at the end of their turn.


Dragon Quest Tact Mod APK Gameplay

Dragon Quest Tact MOD APK contains a wide variety of unique weapons and armour that are stashed away in numerous places in the form of treasure chests. Field and Battle are the two main sections of the game. In Field Mode, you move around the map, converse with NPCs (non-playable characters), hunt for treasure, and fight monsters.

Your group of four players will engage the enemy creatures in a turn-based battle once you initiate a battle. You can advance through the game by winning these battles and earning money, experience points, and new equipment. You and the boss will fight it out in the end. However, because there are 4 participants in the match, the struggle will include all 4 individuals participating in simultaneous combat. Once the boss has been defeated, you can go on to the following parts of the map, where more quests are waiting for you.

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Features of Dragon Quest Tact Mod APK

1.    Train and Grow Dragons

You may befriend and train monsters in the Dragon Quest tact, which is one of its greatest features. These monsters will engage in combat with you when you are engaged in combat with other foes. There are various monster varieties in the game, and each one has special talents and powers. You can fight with them to raise their level as they level up, making them even more strong in combat.

2.    Multiplayer Mode

In this game, forming a party with mates is a thrilling experience. They won’t ever feel alone and vulnerable as long as they’re with mates who are there to support them when things become tricky and difficult; the more talented members can lead the way into the deeper levels of the treacherous dungeons while the rest of their party follows closely behind.

3.    Unique Character

Another method to build a more well-rounded team that is simpler to work with and manage is to use the game’s unique character customization option. As you go through the levels, you’ll unlock new accessories and attire that let you change the look of your character. It is a terrific method to make your party more distinctive and set it apart from others. Party management can occasionally be a headache, but with this new option, you can be sure that every party member is suitably outfitted for the task at hand, allowing them to move around the field freely rather than being constrained by things when they could be using them elsewhere.

4.    Unleash powerful attacks

You can use Dragon Quest Tact to unleash frequent attacks on your enemies. These attacks are quite potent and have large destructive capabilities. However, using them costs a lot of MP (magic points). Therefore, be careful to reserve them for crucial battles only.

5.    Epic Strategic Combat

Epic strategic combat is a fantastic feature of this game since it enables you to create different strategies to fool the opposition and carry out very effective movements in the heat of battle rather than planning them. This makes sure that even while playing against a tougher opponent than usual, your party is never in danger.

6.    Graphics and Sound

The menu is filled with a piece of cheery and amusing music that can be heard on all tabs in addition to the main one. As well as the battle itself, every scene in the story mode has music. Pressing any of the buttons will cause the corresponding sound to play, and the entire battlefield will be filled with the clang of weapons and the ferocious screams of new monsters.

7.    Experience An Epic Storyline

Players in Dragon Quest Tact can embark on an incredible adventure through a vast fantasy world full of castles, dungeons, and other sites that are just waiting to be discovered. While accomplishing missions that advance the plot, you’ll get the chance to go to new locations.


You will receive everything unlocked for free in the Dragon Quest Tact MOD APK. You will also receive UNLIMITED MONEY, NO ADS and UNLIMITED COINS.

Download Dragon Quest Tact MOD APK for Android 2022

Unless necessary, avoid casting the cure spell during combat as it may force your turn to end instantly. Cure spells should only be used in extraordinary situations, such as when the rest of your group is going to lose. Make sure that everyone in your party is nearby when you are about to finish off a monster so that they can split the experience points and money that are earned from killing it.

Your character will be gone until the next battle if the HP bar on one of your characters runs out. Instead of using standard strikes, the easiest way to fight monsters with incredibly high defence is to use talents. To make things simpler, it could be a good idea to stay away from monsters while exploring towns and dungeons so that you can save up some Golden Orbs (used for buying skill books), which can greatly improve your characters’ powers.

Dragon Quest for PC

The role-playing game DRAGON QUEST was created by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. For a genuine gaming experience on your PC, the BlueStacks app player is the perfect solution (emulator) to enjoy this Android application.

Dragon Quest for iOS

The most popular Apple App Stores offer the Dragon Quest mod apk game for iOS or Mac devices. But the mod version of the game is not available for iOS or mac because of the tight security standards of the system.

Dragon Quest ONE HIT & GOD MODE

Utilize the free dragon quest ONE HIT and GOD MODE hacks of this online role-playing game by downloading the MOD version of Dragon Quest Tact.

Dragon Quest Unlimited Money

Explore the vast, unrestricted universe with no constraints or obligations in DRAGON QUEST Mod Unlimited money. Obliterate every enemy in its path. Improve your skills and purchase new equipment while enjoying simple control and pixel graphics. Accomplish tasks you wish to and just enjoy yourself. All fans of the traditional role-playing game will enjoy this one.

How to Install DRAGON QUEST TACT Mod?

Every effort is being made to make downloading smoother for website visitors. The following guidance, however, might assist you in installing modified applications.

  • Before anything else, confirm that you’ve uninstalled any past versions of this game.
  • To start the download process, tap the download link below.
  • Once it’s finalized, launch the installation by opening the file. Your device could request permissions when you first install an APK file. You must access the device settings and activate the “Allow from this source” option to permit the installation procedure.
  • Choose the installation to begin, then wait for processing.
  • Press Done once you’re done.
  • The game has been successfully installed.
  • Play the game now!


A modified version of the official Dragon Quest Tact game is available as the Dragon Quest Tact Mod APK, where you can have a great deal of fun. Casting cure spells during combat should only be done in dire cases. Your turn ends immediately if you cast a cure spell. Save these for situations where everyone in your team has low health. Make sure that everyone in your team is there when you are ready to defeat an adversary so that they can each receive a portion of the experience and money gained from doing so.

A character is knocked out and you lose them until the end of the battle if their health bar runs out. A skill is preferable to a physical attack, such as a sword or a bow, on an opponent with a very high defence. Limiting opponent encounters while entering and leaving towns or cities may be a good idea if you want to make things simpler. This will allow you to save up Golden Orbs for skill books, which can greatly increase the skill levels of your characters.


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