Blitz Brigade Mod APK v3.6.2a [Unlimited Money/Gems]

by Tanees Fatima
Biltz Brigade MOD APK

Whenever world peace is deteriorated people think it is time for another world war. But what if I tell you that world military leaders have decided neither to wage war against one another nor make any blocs or alliances. They believe that is the worst possible idea now to have world wars. So just for fun and thrilling experience they have decided to choose from their own best shooters and soldiers and fight in epic arenas to relive the times of battles. This just sounds so exciting so now imagine playing this free shooting game Blitz Brigade Mod APK!!! This game is an epic depiction of wars and weapons shows.

The Blitz Brigade Mod APK is a fast-paced action shooting game has a variety of game modes and is full of artillery. You can customize your whole looks from the available characters and just enter the killing spree. You can play this game in team or on your own. The game gives you an opportunity to fight as many a twelve players online. Blitz Brigade Hack APK Download gives you additional and premium features for free. This makes the game more exciting and thrilling.

Blitz Brigade has marvelous three-dimensional graphics and sound quality and effects is top-notched. No one can get bored from this game as it is all about military weapons, bombs, tanks and other war gimmicks. So download Blitz Brigade Mod APK and get ready for some action!!

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Blitz Brigade MOD APK Game Play

The game play of Blitz Brigade Mod APK is full of interesting battles and fights. The game has four modes and each one is unique and exciting. In ‘death match’ you have to kill as many as you can in your team and get points. Another mode is ‘domination’ which requires your team collaboration in trying to hit the major positions but defending your own too. So this game play is all about teams putting their heads together to strategically plan their moves. This gives players a chance to put up the best team work

‘Capture the flag ‘is another interesting mode of Blitz Brigade Mod APK. In this mode as the name suggest has to capture the flag of the enemy by penetrating through their base. If you just want shooting spree then ‘free for all’ is the mode for you. The game controls are not complicated and in few games you become pro in all modes. When you play it on your own you get know how of multiplayer mode.

Blitz Brigade Mod APK gives you fancy artillery with tons of weapons and some cool vehicles. The game gives you a character, and you can customize it with different accessories. The character also can insult which can also harm the enemy. So download this online war arena and enjoy!!

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Blitz Brigade MOD APK Features

This epic war arena game is full of interesting features. With Blitz Brigade Hack APK you get premium features for free. Few of the best features are listed below

Unlimited Money/Gems diamonds

With Blitz Brigade Free Diamonds you are in for a treat. Every game has some shop where you can purchase the game essentials and for that you require money. But with Blitz Brigade Mod APK cheats you get unlimited coins, gems and diamonds, and you can shop without any fear of ban. This is one of the best feature of this war thriller and gives you an added benefit over your opponents.

Unlimited Ammo

You know what can happen if during wars you run out of ammo. The enemy can tore you to pieces. But with Blitz Brigade Mod APK you get unlimited ammo, so what are you waiting for??? Download this amazing game and get on with shooting.


Blitz Brigade Mod APK gives you an opportunity to play with multiple player up to 12 double the fun of this epic warfare online.

Variety of Modes

The best feature of this game is that it is not dull and boring and gives you a range of different modes. So you can choose and play according to your own aptitude.

Unlock All Characters

The Blitz Brigade Mod gives you a feature where you can unlock all characters. So can enter the fighting arena as one of these characters such as a soldier, medic, gunner, engineer, sniper, demolisher, stealth. Another cool thing is that snipers can see through the walls!!

Time Events

There are tons of limited time events and seasonal competition in Blitz Brigade Mod. So when you participate in these you get rewards such as weapons and costumes.

No Ads

The added feature of Blitz Brigade Mod APK is that it is free from ads. So nothing can come your way when you are killing and shooting your enemies.

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How to Install Blitz Brigade MOD APK

The installation process is super easy. Follow the steps below and download it in a few minutes:

  • Download the  Blitz Brigade Mod APK for Android
  • Install the APK File
  • It may ask you for permission before installation, allow installation from unknown sources in your device settings
  • To enable permissions to go to settings, search for Unknown Resources, Select Allow installation from unknown resources.
  • Resume the installation process
  • Allow the installer to complete the installation
  • You are all done, enjoy the game


The Blitz Brigade Mod is no doubt one of the best shooting games and that is why it is so popular. The game has exceptional game play, features and graphics which differentiate it from other games of the same genre. With Blitz Brigade Hack download you get premium features for free which makes it much more fun. One cannot get bored from epic battles and fight of this game so is a must-try!!

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